Infinity On SLJ Fuse8 Best List

Recently I found out that Infinity: Figuring Out Forever was featured in early December on the Fuse 8 Production Blog of the School Library Journal.

Here’s an excerpt of the post written by Betsy Bird, the librarian at Evanston Public Library:

“If I’m going to have a kid at my reference desk asking me for a book on infinity, by gum I want a friggin’ book on the mathematical concept itself! Except, y’know, kid-friendly. After an inordinate amount of time, I think I’ve found my match. Sarah C. Campbell does a grand job …

Read the rest and find out about more great math books here.

Visit to Highland Bluff Elementary

Today I spent the morning with 2nd and 3rd graders at Highland Bluff Elementary School in Brandon, Miss. The students had read my books in the library and had completed several activities related to them. Led by librarian Lindsey Cauthen, the students made Fibonacci spirals and wrote and illustrated what they had learned about wolfsnails.
highland bluff visit
The students had great questions. Because they asked about what I am working on now, I read a few pages from my Infinity draft. I’m happy to say they liked it.

I appreciate Ms. Cauthen for inviting me and for taking the photos in this post.