Richard’s photographs

Tomatoes Ready to Roast

It has become my habit to start Saturday morning with some cooking. Typically, I am prepping for later meals. Today, I needed to roast some tomatoes for a Fennel Compote.

Richard decided to grab the camera when he saw the tomatoes lined up in a row.

tomatoes ready to roast

Favorite from the Awards Ceremony

It seems our kids spend most of their May school days taking tests. When they’re not testing, they’re presenting final projects, papers, and performances. Today, I went to Murrah High School for the Sophomore Awards Ceremony. Here’s my favorite photograph from the event. The 10th grade guidance counselor, Mr. Sayles, had just asked the students to guess which of the high achievers in the bunch had the current highest average. Who’s No. 1? This is what they did.
who is No. 1
All fingers pointed to Matthew Sarpong. And then, Mr. Sayles refused to say.

I’ve been neglecting the blog lately — mainly because we’ve been working hard on the fractal project.

taking QAL

Here Richard is shooting Queen Anne’s Lace with help from our friend and collaborator, Julie Owen. She brought the Queen Anne’s Lace to us, having found it along the highway between Baton Rouge and here.
This is one of our favorites from the shoot.

Some very exciting things are happening right now with the fractal manuscript! Through hard work, perseverance, and just plain good luck, we are going to be able to include some amazing stuff! I love it when a book comes together!

More Clouds and Good News

Richard and I started out on our walk early Saturday (at about 6 a.m.), and immediately back-tracked for our cameras. Aren’t these clouds cool?

clouds patterns fractal

We were determined to take advantage of the good light to work on images for our new project.
tree fractal branching

We learned this week that the new project is going to the editorial committee this week. So, fingers crossed!
more cloud patternscylinder transformerfern frondclouds clouds clouds

Fancy Photos from Mont St. Michel

Richard created more panoramas and high dynamic range photographs. I love the way these images bring out the drama in the sky and highlight the colors in the buildings in the Abbey. For those who are interested in such things, he uses Photomatix from HDRSoft for most of the HDR images and Photoshop to make panoramas.


in cathedral at mt st michel

poppies with dark sky

inside workroom

ceiling cathedral


sarah using ipad to photograph mt st michel

boys walk to msm

from msm


climbing climbing to abbey

More Water and a Really Good Read

I finished a novel today that I have to mention here. It was All the Living by C.E. Morgan. I want to quote from it, but I gave it to my friend to read. When I get it back, I’ll be copying some words into my notebook. Many reviewers have praised Morgan’s descriptions of place, but what I loved was the characterizations. Aloma was flesh and blood for me and her meditations on love and want and happiness made me think. I will be looking for more from Morgan and I’ll be reading All the Living again. I have to say it was much more to my liking than my book group’s latest selection, Netherland (suggested by me).

Here are two more of Richard’s water pictures. He did some tweaking in Photoshop.

faucet drop

bubbles with red and green

Kitchen Studio Water Photo

Richard woke up this morning wanting to take some creative photographs. He set up a ton of equipment in the kitchen and began playing with water. I helped every so often when he didn’t have enough hands. I love this one! (If you click on it, you’ll see a larger version.) I’ll share more as he edits more.

drops in blue

Growing Patterns: Introducing Richard

Today is the reading and signing party at Lemuria. We’re looking forward to seeing young readers and their grownups at 10 a.m. for some Fibonacci fun!

After being on a blog tour all week (thanks to all of the hosts), we have the featured attraction right here. I interviewed Richard about his unique contribution to Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature.

This is the fun portrait I took of him when we were doing our publicity photo shoot. The powers that be at the publishing house wanted a straight (faced) shot for the catalog so I decided we’d use it here.