photo Friday challenge

Selft-Portrait for Challenge

I am trying to be more intentional about my photography. I decided to check in again with the Friday photo challenge. This week’s challenge is self-portrait. In embarking on my self-portrait, I took along my husband. I’m not sure whether it says something good about my prowess as a photographer, but I know it says something good for our marriage. Richard used the Nikon D7000’s video setting to document our session and I’m sure he’ll be weighing in with a short movie soon. (I cringe to think of it.)
Sarah self-portrait

I took this with the Nikon D700 on a tripod. I am holding the Nikon D200, pretending to take a photograph. I had the camera on the timer setting, which gave me about 20 seconds to get into position. I tried from several different angles. This is the one I liked best.

Puff Ball — Image from Writing From Nature for Friday challenge


This puff ball was sitting on a bed of moss. This week’s Photo Friday challenge is brown. I loved the contrasting colors, shapes and textures. I took this in Boyds Mills, Pennsylvania, during the Writing From Nature workshop. To learn more, click on the posts leading up to this one.

Delicious — Photo Friday


Don’t these look tasty? I love it when the strawberries come into season. Head over to my friend Susan’s blog for a great strawberry cake recipe.

Richard and I took these as part of our Fibonacci project, but I don’t think they’ll make it into the book.

The Photo Friday challenge this week is edible so I think these fill the bill quite nicely.

I’ve got a busy week coming up — a two-day school visit at St. Richard’s Catholic School here in Jackson and then two science events with my sons: the regional science fair and the science olympiad. D, my fifth grader, did an experiment with a solar car he built from a kit. G, the eighth grader, built a robot with a his friend. They’ll have to run it around a playing field putting objects into goals — against the clock. N, the sixth grader, built a tennis ball launching trajectory machine with his friend. They’ll have to try to hit two targets. It’ll all be interesting.

Morning Routine — Photo Friday Challenge


Richard took this photograph of me spreading lotion on my face. He used photoshop to create the textures. I like the way it turned out. You can see a hint of a duplicate image on the right side; this was created by the beveled edge of the mirror. What do you think of the technique?

Nathan’s Pet Snail — Photo Friday

Nathan’s Pet Wolfsnail.

Putting on a Necklace — Photo Tuesday

Richard took this over the weekend. I’m going to let it double count for Photo Tuesday and the Photo Friday Challenge, the theme for which is “costume.” I suppose putting on jewelry is a form of costuming. So, not too much of a stretch. Richard used his Nikon D200 with a Nikon f1.8 50mm prime lens.

Photo Friday — Iconic

I reached back into the blog’s history to post my entry into this week’s photo friday challenge. Here’s a link to American Gothic. Let me know what you think about my mother’s photograph from about 35 years ago.



In this photo for the Photo Friday challenge, Nathan meditates at the edge of a creek. Richard took the photo in the woods of rural Mississippi.

White — Photo Friday


Sand dollar.