My fall garden is starting to produce. My largest cucumber is almost the perfect size for me. I took this picture, though, because of its shape. Does it look like a cylinder to anyone? A little?
cucumber as cylinder

Richard and I have been working feverishly to get the new, improved website up and running. One day soon ….


Today, I thinned my lettuce and kale. I decided to use what I pulled to make a micro-green salad. Paired with some red bell peppers, onions and avocado, it was quite tasty. (It took about seven rinsings to get the greens clean.)

micro greens

We have been working like crazy on the new website. Updating a website can eat up huge amounts of time. But, as with anything, it’ll be much stronger for the effort.

Green Beans

The bean plants were covered with beans yesterday when Richard and I stopped in to take more photographs of the Jesse Gates Edible Forest. We picked some to take this photograph; we also picked a few hot peppers to add some color. My own garden isn’t so far along; I have a few green tomatoes and just-set eggplant, but the only things I’ve harvested are peppers and herbs.
green beansIf you want to see how the garden looked a few weeks back, see this post.

beans on vineThis is what these beans looked like a few weeks ago.

beans with blossoms


Jesse Gates Edible Forest

I’ve missed the work days this spring for the Jesse Gates Edible Forest, but I spent some time there this morning after church. There are lots of new plantings and I can see progress with the trees and berries planted last year. Also new is the sign.

jesse gates signsquashsquash flowerspricklymatersmintasparagusfigsblueberriescabbage

Jesse Gates Edible Forest October Work Day

On this sunny day, it was only Loy and me at the Jesse Gates Edible Forest at Wells Church. Lots of lettuce, herbs, and greens are growing! I brought home a huge bunch of lettuce for salads and two peppers.


The cabbages were beginning to head.


Loy checking the information tag for the cabbage.


This lettuce started from seed. It is showing out!


This is a purple top turnip. See the tiny bit of purple.

mesculin mix

Mesclun Mix. In a shadier spot, not growing as quickly.


We put down newspapers, wet them, and put pine straw and leaf matter on top.

pine straw

Loy moving pine straw into place.


Wetting it all down.


Forest lettuce with tomatoes, onions, peppers.

Painting Photographs

I’ve been wanting to do some more playing with Photoshop for a while. And, this flower inspired me to try again. I found this tutorial, again, and used it to nice effect.

painted eggplant flower

You can see the original photograph in the previous post.

painted pecans with vines
pecans in vines
painted vine knot

knotted vines

Let me know what you think of these. Do you like the originals or the “painted” versions?

Jesse Gates Edible Forest After Fall Planting

Three weeks ago, a group of volunteers participated in a fall work day at the Jesse Gates Edible Forest at Wells Church. Richard and I got over there yesterday to photograph the new plantings. Some plants started as seeds and others were seedlings. We saw broccoli, cabbage, greens, onions, and lettuce. I’ve also got some photographs of eggplant, peppers, and asparagus that are still growing from the spring planting.
tiny lettuces

onion in broccoli patch



broccoli h

three peppers
eggplant blossom

richard taking pictures

Operation Shoestring Students Visit Garden

On Friday, students from Operation Shoestring visited the Jesse Gates Edible Forest at Wells Church to see the growth. After a tour of the garden, volunteers from the church served a buffet of vegetable dishes and fruit. It was a very hot July day (about 100 degrees). You can click here to see earlier posts about the Jesse Gates Edible Forest at Wells Church.

kids see peas

display pea

yellow squash

talking with loy

finding the pepper


opening a pod

walking to church



two girls serving


yum 2

larger garden view

Jesse Gates Edible Forest in June

We stopped in during a workday at the Jesse Gates Edible Forest at Wells Church. We nibbled blueberries and visited for a few minutes with neighbors and other volunteers. You can see below how things are coming along. Remember, this is a partnership with the Mississippi Urban Forest Council, the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, Wells Church, and Operation Shoestring.

You can see previous posts here and here..

leaf on a bean plantI loved this bean leaf.
peachA tiny peach.
onionAn onion.
plumA plum.
fence work dayOur project director, Loy Moncrief, and volunteers, Jane Streets, Sheila and Bobby Robinson.

neighborSheila and Bobby Robinson.

watermelonA watermelon.
smaller beansMore beans.
One of the things dug up along the fence.

Sheila’s dog.

Operation Shoestring kids with sign

Kids from Operation Shoestring standing with Loy Moncrief, Jane Streets, and Star Pool. This sign will serve until a permanent one can be made. I love the colors!

Fruit and More in Edible Forest

Richard and I started the day at the Jesse Gates Edible Forest at Wells Church. Loy tipped us off that blueberries and blackberries were ripe. We figured it was time to photograph the progress. You can see the earlier set of photos here.



watermelon blossom

tiny melon


orange thing




beans are up