Studio Tour

I am the featured artist today on the Southern Breeze Illustrators’ Corner blog. Richard and I produced a studio tour. Take a look and let me know what you think.

News, news, finally, some news!

I got word today that Boyds Mills Press is ready to commit to my latest work-in-progress. It’s gonnna be a book, y’all!
broccoli macro

I can’t wait to push this project through the rest of the steps to publication.

The Art of Low Level Vegetative Photography


Watch how Richard captured the broccoli photograph. I took the video with my iPhone.

The Art of Low-Level Vegetative Photography from richard campbell on Vimeo.

Fractal Trees

Richard and I got up early this morning to photograph trees with fractal branching patterns. We drove up the Natchez Trace Parkway a few miles north of Jackson. Here’s some of what we found.

fractal tree 1

fractal tree 2

fractal tree 3


fractal tree 5
Since we were in fractal mode, and since we had all the gear, we decided to visit the Jesse Gates Edible Forest at Wells Church to photograph some broccoli.
fractal broc

Thank you, Mississippi Arts Commission!

I learned today that I received a $500 minigrant from the Mississippi Arts Commission to cover the cost of three sets of marketing materials. Many of you know that Richard and I developed a new logo and a new website this year. The minigrant will pay for printing of new business cards, a Fibonacci Puzzle marketing piece, and a new set of bookmarks.

Many of you know I have a new manuscript under consideration at Boyds Mills Press. I hope to have news soon. In the meantime, I thank the Mississippi Arts Commission, members of the Mississippi Legislature, and the National Endowment for the Arts for continuing to support my work as a Mississippi artist.

Another attempt at the cylinder-shaped cucumber

One of my blog readers recently told me that the thing I post most is pictures of vegetables. I would have thought it was my children, but I could be wrong.

cucumber cylinder
I have reason to compare a cucumber to a cylinder. My previous attempt here was a little too wonky looking. What do you folks think of this one?
cylinder reg

Moon as Sphere and Fancy Water

Richard has been playing with water again. He got some interesting shots.

water 1

water 2

He also got some gorgeous shots of the full moon. I like this for a sphere example. Don’t you?

moon sphere

This is a very cool shot, too.water 3


My fall garden is starting to produce. My largest cucumber is almost the perfect size for me. I took this picture, though, because of its shape. Does it look like a cylinder to anyone? A little?
cucumber as cylinder

Richard and I have been working feverishly to get the new, improved website up and running. One day soon ….

Shooting Broccoli, Cauliflower, and a Tomato

Regular readers know I am revising a manuscript (to be illustrated with photographs). I am at the stage where I need the photographs to help me push through to a new level with the text. I spend many of my waking, and near-sleep hours considering options. This weekend, though, it was time to shoot again. I put together the light box we made last year, and here are some of the resulting images.


Largest intact, niceish looking broccoli head I could find at the local grocery store.

largest bit

Largest piece off of the head.
5th of 6 iterations

This is the fifth of six iterations of broccoli pieces. (This is my favorite — me being a sucker for macro photography, and all.)
whole cauliflower head

Whole cauliflower head.
one smaller head removed

Cauliflower head with one smaller head removed.

head deconstructed

Whole cauliflower head, taken apart.
A tomato.

More Clouds and Good News

Richard and I started out on our walk early Saturday (at about 6 a.m.), and immediately back-tracked for our cameras. Aren’t these clouds cool?

clouds patterns fractal

We were determined to take advantage of the good light to work on images for our new project.
tree fractal branching

We learned this week that the new project is going to the editorial committee this week. So, fingers crossed!
more cloud patternscylinder transformerfern frondclouds clouds clouds