Adobe Photoshop

Painting Photographs

I’ve been wanting to do some more playing with Photoshop for a while. And, this flower inspired me to try again. I found this tutorial, again, and used it to nice effect.

painted eggplant flower

You can see the original photograph in the previous post.

painted pecans with vines
pecans in vines
painted vine knot

knotted vines

Let me know what you think of these. Do you like the originals or the “painted” versions?

More Water and a Really Good Read

I finished a novel today that I have to mention here. It was All the Living by C.E. Morgan. I want to quote from it, but I gave it to my friend to read. When I get it back, I’ll be copying some words into my notebook. Many reviewers have praised Morgan’s descriptions of place, but what I loved was the characterizations. Aloma was flesh and blood for me and her meditations on love and want and happiness made me think. I will be looking for more from Morgan and I’ll be reading All the Living again. I have to say it was much more to my liking than my book group’s latest selection, Netherland (suggested by me).

Here are two more of Richard’s water pictures. He did some tweaking in Photoshop.

faucet drop

bubbles with red and green

Kitchen Studio Water Photo

Richard woke up this morning wanting to take some creative photographs. He set up a ton of equipment in the kitchen and began playing with water. I helped every so often when he didn’t have enough hands. I love this one! (If you click on it, you’ll see a larger version.) I’ll share more as he edits more.

drops in blue

Altered Tree Photographs

Richard loves to play around with photographs using Photoshop. Here are two of the shots I took on a recent dreary day. You can see the originals here. What do you think of the altered images?

trees outside lemuria altered

japanese maple altered