“Portrait of a Painting” Showing Time

Richard’s Portrait1short film will grace the big screen at Malco Grandview Theater on Saturday, April 11 th, at 11 a.m.

“Portrait” tells the story of a landscape painting created by Jerrod Partridge, a Jackson artist, after a trip to Tuscany, Italy. The painting was commissioned. Richard filmed Jerrod  from start to finish, with some help from our son, Douglas, and from Roderick Red of Red Squared Productions.

The film will be shown along with five other short documentaries selected for the 2015 Crossroads Film Festival.

This image of Jerrod to the left is a screenshot from the film. The image below is an image of the painting itself, also from the film. You can’t get the full effect without the big screen, unfortunately. Jerrod used handmade paper as his canvas.





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