Richard’s “Portrait” Film Selected by Crossroads Film Festival

XFF Laurel_OFFICIAL_SELECT_White_2015I am very excited to announce that Richard’s short film, “Portrait of a Painting,” was chosen for the 2015 Crossroads Film Festival.

The film chronicles the creation of a landscape painting by Jerrod Partridge, an artist who lives in our neighborhood. It will be shown at Malco Grandview Theatre in Madison, Miss., on April 11.

“Portrait” is Richard’s first film, though he has been creating with moving pictures for about four years. Most of that work has been created to help market our three pictures books and to spread the word about Hope Enterprise Corporation and Hope Credit Union.

Crossroads Film Festival features work by artists from Mississippi and around the world. #XRoadsFF

Filming for “Portrait” stretched over several months. Richard had help from Roderick Red of Red Squared Productions and our youngest son, Douglas Campbell.

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