Vacation in New Hampshire

Richard, Douglas, and I recently spent a few days in New Hampshire in the White Mountains. Richard took along his DJI Phantom II drone and GoPro Hero 3 camera.

R and D at waterfall

This meant I was carrying the Nikon D7000.
waterfallWe spent time at a waterfall.

D taking shot





R3Anybody wondering who I still have eyes for after 24 years?

up the mountain


We then climbed a (short) mountain.


Where we first caught our breath.

droneAnd then Richard fired up the drone.

drone up


Here it is in the sky.

viewsI took a few of these landscape shots, but I didn’t like some of the blown highlights. He reminded me to take bracketed images. So, I did.




The video Richard shot with the drone is pretty amazing. And he didn’t lose the drone down the mountain!

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