Mysterious Patterns Launch at Lemuria

I thoroughly enjoyed reading and signing Mysterious Patterns at Lemuria yesterday. My mother took a ton of pictures and I’m happy to share some here.

reading MPThis is actually one of my favorite pages, with fractal patterns in leaf veins and human lungs.

big crowd shotHere’s Jackie Hayes, a retired teacher, talking about how teachers use books to extend the curriculum.

showing sierpinski carpetA group of students from Davis Magnet IB World School came to the signing, including four who have been part of this book’s journey for a few years. Read about my Davis Magnet critique group here.

Emily G selling booksHere’s Emily Grossenbacher, the manager  of Lemuria’s Children’s section, helping sell my books!

signing for Barbara Signing books for Barbara McLaughlin and her granddaughters, Tinsely and Tatum.

critique groupMy faithful critique group.

4 Responses to Mysterious Patterns Launch at Lemuria

  • Patty says:

    It is so nice when friends show up for a book launch. Glad you were able to use some of the photos.

  • Jackie says:

    Great pictures! The reading wes great also.

  • SELKET says:

    Sorry I missed the launch, but happy to hear it was a success!! Keep up the great work, Sarah. The photos are smashing!!!

  • Gustina Atlas says:

    I’m sorry I missed the signing of your book. Tylerband I had planned to come but his state tests were planned for this week. I want to buy him one of your books and please autograph it for me, to him. Thanks.

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