Kanika Young and Robert Anderson Wed

This was a year of weddings for the Youngs. My childhood best friend Francene in April, and her sister Kanika (Niecy) last week. Niecy was born when Franny and I were in the ninth grade; she was our little baby doll. Not any more.

Niecy puts on the ring
The wedding was at Rising Sun Missionary Baptist Church in Port Gibson.
Bride's Side
Here’s the bride’s side. Can you tell the bride and her mother Katie are Deltas?
groom with some of his little men
Here’s Robert (Maine) with some of his little groomsmen.
Uncle Jesse and Aunt Polly
Katie’s brother, Jesse, and sister, Polly.
katie program
Katie was checking the program to make sure everything was on track. Her husband Monk at her side.
Rev and men
Here come the men.
groom's mother
Groom’s mother, and other family.
matrons and maids
Matrons and maids.
Francene's entrance
Here comes Franny.
And little Rashad
And the mini-groom. Rashad.
Tanyika and Franny
Tanyika and Franny.
Katie conferring
Katie with Sandra Noble.
The groom spies his bride.
Niecy and Navondyl
Navondyl Young walking his sister down the aisle.
she cries
A few tears for the tiger.
A kiss from big brother.
Niecy's wedding--24Niecy's wedding--11in foyer

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