Visit to Margaret Walker Alexander Center

My friend Carolyn Brown is writing a young adult biography of writer Margaret Walker Alexander, and I agreed to help her get some photographs. We met at the Margaret Walker Center, which is housed on the campus of Jackson State University, where Dr. Alexander taught for most of her career.

Carolyn with Angela

In this photograph, Carolyn and archivist Angela Stewart are looking through one of Alexander’s early journals, which are housed at the Center.
Rod at Alexander Center
Though Carolyn had asked me to take photographs for her, I am very busy right now with other projects so I recommended Roderick Red. Regular readers of the blog will know he and I have been working together for about a year and a half. Here he is taking photographs of Alexander’s journals.

Rod at Gallery
After the Center, we went to Gallery 1, where an exhibit of Elizabeth Catlett prints was just coming down. Here’s Rod, looking at a print by Catlett that was inspired by Alexander’s poem, For My People.

On the other wall at Gallery 1, I found these quilts by my quilting friends Gustina Atlas, Geraldine Nash, Hystercine Rankin, and Lorraine Harrington. I love coming across the work of Crossroads Quilters out in the wider world.

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