New Season for Murrah Speech and Debate

Murrah High School’s Speech and Debate team started the year with a strong performance at the Petal High School Tournament. My middle son, Nathan, decided to debate this year, choosing to join his brother’s former debate partner, Alliyah Taylor, in policy debate and public forum debate.

Murrah Team first tournament

Here are the 15 students who attended the year’s first tournament, with coaches, Micah Everson (left side) and Kelley Patin.


Our trophy and medal winners: Nathan Campbell, Alliyah Taylor, Donovan Barner, Taia McAfee, Shondrel Ortiz, and Krystal Jackson.


Within minutes of arriving, three debaters prepare: Charles Davis, Samir Mamoon, and Donovan Barner.

giving notes

Team captain Alliyah Taylor giving notes to teammates Shondrel Ortiz and Taia McAfee.

Jamil Johnson and Rachel Hairston

Debaters Jamil Johnson and Rachel Hairston getting notes from Coach Micah Everson.

Everson and Araujo

Coach Micah Everson in a pre-tournament discussion with Joseph Araujo and others.
Nathan down time
Nathan using downtime.

playing risk

Charles Davis, Rachel Hairston, and Jamil Johnson playing risk with some other school’s debaters, during downtime.

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