More unofficial shots from the wedding

Richard and I love taking photographs, but we’re glad not to be on the hook for the official wedding photography. That seems kind of daunting. Franny asked me to take some of the “getting ready” time because she wasn’t sure her official photographer would have time to do that after taking the before-wedding menfolk photographs. The official photographer did arrive in the suite, but here are some I took before she arrived.

curling iron


patrice combing

While Franny was getting her hair curled, Patrice was combing the flower girl’s hair. She was trying to be good, but Tricey was tugging.

fran hand l

In addition to helping Franny, I also take orders from Katie, Franny’s Mom. She gave me a list of photographs that she wanted ME to take: her children, her grandchildren, she and her children, the whole family. I told her I expected that the wedding photographer would be taking all those combinations, but I reckon Katie knows that she knows where I live and will DEFINITELY get copies from me. But that wedding photographer. That’s Franny’s business. So, here goes.

Young children

Kanika “Niecy” Young, Francene Rolstad, and Navondyl “Vonda” Young.
Young Lee grandchildren
Patrice “Tricey” Lee, Haley Young, JaVon Young, K’breouna “Bre” Barnes, Amani Lee, and Kazerick “Rashad” Young.

Four Youngs

Franny, Vonda, Katie, Niecy.
Vonda and Tanyika
Vonda and Tanyika Young.

Next, I did a few candid shots during the official wedding photographer’s session.
Fran and kids

Tricey, Franny, Amani.
Niecy holding tired Rashad

Niecy and Rashad.

Finally, the groom, Mark, gets to join in.

more tired Rashad

More tired Rashad.
R asleep standing up

Asleep standing up.
getting the bustle
Three bridesmaids and one extra helped with the bustle so Franny could dance unencumbered. You can’t see just how delicate an operation this was. There were eight little loops, I think, and they were very tiny.

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