More Family Photos from the Archives

Mom and I have been looking through the books of negatives, again, because we’re doing another Christmas present photo panel. (I’m not saying who will get it and I’m not saying what the theme is. And, no, you can’t guess by looking at these photographs.)

sarah at mirror

This one of me at the mirror jumped out at me. And then, I saw the one below. Yikes! What is that growing out of my head?

em bday cake with sarah big hair

I have no idea what possessed me to do that particular style with my hair. (Mom thinks I was doing something celebratory for my sister Emilye’s 13th birthday.) Joining us that summer (1978) — as he did for many years — was Tarik Higgins. Our honorary brother.

The negatives show that we also lit fireworks that day and played a pretty fierce game of basketball. By the time of the basketball game, I had shed the apron. There wasn’t much bun left either.

playing bball

Look at Emilye using her left hand. And, yes, we did live in the middle of the woods!

For those of you who are interested in these kinds of things, I am scanning black and white negatives using an Epson V600, importing into Adobe Lightroom, and editing (cropping and using a healing brush to remove dirt and scratches) in Adobe Photoshop. I love having a darkroom on my desk!!

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