I’ve been away from blogging for a while. My computer stopped working so I’ve been cobbling together various work-arounds to get my work done (using Richard’s desktop when he’s not home and using my laptop, iPad, and phone), but none of those situations is amenable to my workflow for blogging. My “new” computer (actually Richard’s old tower attached to my peripherals) is up and running so I’m back in business.


Here is the turkey we roasted through the night into Thanksgiving. It was delicious, with all the sides.

anadama bread

Here is the anadama bread.

cornbread dressingAnd the Chef Red cornbread dressing (gluten free).

my three sonsMy three boys. (The eldest is minus his wisdom teeth.)

I’ve also been away from blogging because I’ve been working on a video project for HOPE Credit Union. Richard is an executive with HOPE, and we’ve taken this on together. Our videographer is Roderick Red, the production manager of Red Squared Productions.

roderick red

I’ve been conducting interviews and learning how to write for, and edit, video. Well, actually, I haven’t done much editing, just logging and clipping. I’ve learned a little about using Adobe Story (for scriptwriting) and Adobe Prelude (for ingesting and clipping video). Since we already use Adobe’s Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, and Premiere, and we became Adobe Creative Cloud users earlier this year, we figured we might as well learn more.

I’ll happily share the video once we’ve got a finished version.

For my interviews, I’ve been reading background material, including a few memoirs. I love reading memoirs. And, I know that soon I’ll get back to working on my two “life-based” stories. For this week’s interview, I’ll be heading home to Alcorn State University.












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