Shooting Broccoli, Cauliflower, and a Tomato

Regular readers know I am revising a manuscript (to be illustrated with photographs). I am at the stage where I need the photographs to help me push through to a new level with the text. I spend many of my waking, and near-sleep hours considering options. This weekend, though, it was time to shoot again. I put together the light box we made last year, and here are some of the resulting images.


Largest intact, niceish looking broccoli head I could find at the local grocery store.

largest bit

Largest piece off of the head.
5th of 6 iterations

This is the fifth of six iterations of broccoli pieces. (This is my favorite — me being a sucker for macro photography, and all.)
whole cauliflower head

Whole cauliflower head.
one smaller head removed

Cauliflower head with one smaller head removed.

head deconstructed

Whole cauliflower head, taken apart.
A tomato.

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