Update on the New Website

Having killed my first (bad) idea for the new concept on my website, we have a new concept that we like. I’ll share it here so you can see what we’re considering. It is very different from what we did before, but we want to make it open, friendly, and easy to use. Do you folks have any thoughts?

mock up for home page re-designThe photo on the top right (a water drop falling) would change each time a person landed on my homepage, in the same way the header photo changes now. Each photo will be trimmed so that it floats in the space. We have already decided to change the color of the swirl.

3 Responses to Update on the New Website

  • Carol Norton says:

    Some random thoughts:
    I love the picture of the water drop and think it’s neat that it will change each time.
    I am assuming that the swirl reflects the ripples of the water, so is there any way you can flatten it out to more clearly reflect a ripple? Then when you change the color of the swirl, you might consider blue.
    Finally, since there is so much background (which is good), perhaps a softer background color might tie the whole site together more.

  • Dave says:

    Hate to be a slave to categories, but I’m troubled by the disjuncture between the five high level categories being joined by the two specific titles, Wolfsnail and Growing Patterns? It’s easy to see where the other links will take me, but what about those two?

    I think there’s a clash between the Nautilus shape and the spiral. If the Nautilus were in the center of the spiral instead of on one end, the two shapes would echo each other; now they fight.

    What about a quick way to get to your blog?

    I really like the spare look and the open space. Dave

  • Sarah says:

    Thank you, Carol and Dave. The comments really help. We definitely want an easy click through to the blog. Still working through the other issues.

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