Photos From England

We did a little less sightseeing, and more visiting, in England. Here are some of our favorite photographs from the second half of our trip.

lacock panorama hdrThis is at Lacock Abbey, which is part of the National Trust. It, along with the nearby village, has been featured in many popular British films and TV series, including Pride and Prejudice (the one with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle), Cranford, and three of the Harry Potter movies.

entrance hall lacock

One of the owners of Lacock Abbey — after it was transformed into a country house — was William Henry Fox Talbot. He was one of the first people who learned to do photography the way I first was taught –by exposing a negative and printing a positive image from it.

in the cloistersservants' halltower room ceilingglove with too many fingersThere were several interesting things to note about the paintings at Lacock. In this one, the glove has too many fingers.

uncovered paintingIn this one, restorers were cleaning it up and found the people that had been clothed were actually nudes, so the clothing was removed.

purple w bee 1

pruple w bee 2

purple w bee 3

allium star of persiaThis impressive flower is an Allium christophii, or star of persia.

pink w bee

pee w bee 2

pink w bee 3pink w bee 4grasses

bee in flight

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