Panorama and High Dynamic Range Images from France

Richard loves to play around with panoramas and high dynamic range photographs. I am posting some of his favorites from our trip to France. In the panoramas, the number of photos he put together to make these ranged from as few as four to as many as 12. Typically, he used three bracketed photos to make the high dynamic range images. In some cases, a photograph is both a panorama and an hdr. He used Adobe’s Photoshop to make the panoramas and Photomatix to make the hdrs. Click on the photograph to see the image larger.

orleans cathedralThis is a panorama and high dynamic range photograph of the inside of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Orleans, France.

orleans cathedral outsideSame Cathedral from the front.

The LouvreThe Louvre in Paris.

inside the pyramidInside the pyramid at the Louvre, designed Architect I.M .Pei.

orleans cathedral w sarahMore shots of the Cathedral at Orleans.

stained glass window Orleans

banners orleans cathedral

joan of arc banner at orleans cathedral

 sarah in orleans cathedral hdr

 rose window orleans


orleans cathedral into the bell tower from belowA look up into the bell tower from the entrance.

louvreInside the Louvre.

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