Killing Your Darlings

On our morning walk this morning, Richard and I talked about the new website, and I had to admit that my idea is not working. In fact, it stinks.

sarahs workspace

Even though this desk is the tidiest it has been in years, it still makes an image that is way, way too cluttered for an effective web home page. Richard has worked long hours on coding, etc., to start to make it functional, but, truth be told, it was a bad idea.

So, back to the drawing board.

The time I spent cleaning up wasn’t wasted (it never is). I’m still getting rid of and putting away stuff. I work much more effectively when I’ve done a major clean-up. It helps de-clutter my brain as well.

Other work life improvements

I’ve started using Pocket (formerly Read it Later) to save things I come across on the web. Just like with Evernote, it takes some time on the front end to get it installed on all the devices I use (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop), but it is proving very useful.

I also read this article about blog theft that prompted me to take more security measures with my gmail. Once again, it took some time, but those of us who fully engage with the online world need to take precautions.

3 Responses to Killing Your Darlings

  • Patty says:

    May not work for a blog but the desk, shelves etc are beautiful.

  • “Killing your darlings,” indeed. In writing & (re)design, that’s so hard to do (but so crucial). Sometimes it’s easy for me, and other times very hard. Distance from the project/piece usually helps.

    Thanks also for the heads-up on hijacked blogs. My blog doesn’t get much traffic, and for once that fact makes me kind of happy. I’m now double-checking to be sure I’m not vulnerable to a surprise transfer.

  • scampbell says:

    I agree, Rachael, distance does help. I am looking forward to getting back to a manuscript that has been sitting untouched for at least six months. I’m sure I’ll see ways to fix some of the problems now.

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