New Logo, Website Redesign

Richard and I are working on a website re-design. We’ve decided, in consultation with our friends in marketing at Boyds Mills Press, that we need to make it more user-friendly and find better ways to highlight some spanking new content.

For a start, here’s my brand new logo design.

logoWhat do you think?

I am also spending time learning new tools that should make my work and home life easier. I am learning to use Evernote, an information management tool. I was introduced to the program by some of my writer friends in the Southern Breeze Region of SCBWI. I used it to some good effect this year while working on two curriculum development projects. I decided to invest some time in watching some tutorials to refine the way I use it. It’s been interesting, and I feel like I will be better able to keep track of the components that go into projects.

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