Science Olympiad with Chastain Middle School’s Team

I spent Friday at the Science Olympiad on USM’s campus with the Chastain Middle School team. Once again, our team members had a great time, shuttling between events, enjoying fascinating displays, playing soccer on the grounds, and visiting Starbucks, Barnes & Noble and the gameroom.
tower 1
My third son became the second in the family to participate in the “tower” event. The big question was whether this original design would hold all the sand.
tower 2
The sand went in at a steady pace.
tower 3
tower 4
more sand!
tower 5
Congrats! and Phew!
static ballM.E., enjoying the static ball.

electronics display

A cool part of the electronics display.

Julie and M.E. keep a fan blowing by keeping the electricity flowing by touching.

S and JS., back from her first event, talking with J., who came along with her mom, Sherrye Biglow, the Chastain Science Olympiad Coach.

TriumphC. telling her Dad, Raymond, about the terrific job her team did in the Experimental Design event. Congrats to C., M.E., and R., for their third place medal.

making rocketLast minute adjustments to the bottle rocket. C. and A. made a good showing, especially with their spare rocket!

more rocket prepMore duct tape.

reliefS. having some downtime after two back-to-back events with J. Congrats to S. and J. for their third place medal in Rocks and Minerals.

ready to launch bottle rocketC. and A. getting ready for launch.

watchingT., S., and J. watching the bottle rocket competition.

plain one winsThe spare rocket outperformed the pretty one.

soccer downtimeA bunch of the boys played soccer for a hour in the afternoon. Then, D had a round with J.

doneThe day is done.

me at sci olyJulie took this of me with her phone. I was knitting the time away in the holding room.

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