Snail Hunting, Soccer Photographs

Update: I’ll be at the Mississippi Reading Association annual conference on Tuesday, speaking about Wolfsnail: A Backyard Predator and Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature, and contributing to a session on making the most of school visits.

The weather warmed up this weekend. It was beautiful for soccer on Saturday and perfect for snail hunting on Sunday. I have a wolfsnail right now that I’m keeping for some video and school visits so I need to keep it fed. I spent about 20 minutes pulling weeds and dead impatiens from my butterfly garden and I found about 25 garden snails. After I washed the two snail containers with rainwater from my rain barrel, I fed the wolfsnail. It ate a garden snail and a slug. Yum! I wish I had had time for video, but we were also cooking meals for the week.

We took about 840 photographs during three soccer games on Saturday. I went through carefully today and flagged 115. It will take some time to get all those processed, but I am posting a few of my favorites today.

Zach flyingThis is Zach in the midst of a shot.

Jada Jayda in a warm-up boot.
Austin in stepAustin and a defender in step, with Judson behind.
EmilyEmily setting up a shot.

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