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My two older sons play soccer for Murrah High School. The Mustangs started the season last week with a Jamboree against other teams in Jackson. Then, it was Murrah v. Lanier on Tuesday, Murrah v. Provine on Thursday, and Murrah v. Magee on Saturday. Big week. Here are the shots (taken by Richard and me) I thought worth sharing. (BTW, the girls are 3-0. The boys are 2-0-1.) Anyone else who is taking photographs, especially of the girls, please share.

If you click on a photo, you can see it a little larger.

Murrah v Provine Jamboree

a photo during the Jamboree

These next few are from the Murrah v. Lanier game on Tuesday night. Murrah won.

paul taking a shot

Paul A. taking a shot.


Reginald preparing for a shot.



jonathan and ethan

Ethan and Jonathon running down the ball.


Phillip N. taking a shot.

G sticking to his man

Graeme hanging in on defense.

The next batch are from Murrah v. Magee on Saturday. It was a relief for the photographers to have daylight, but the game ended in a tie. 0-0.


Stephen with a goal kick

sb getting stoppped

Other Stephen drawing the goalie out during a strong attack.

paul a

Ellison C. dribbling.

paul again

Phillip N. under challenge.


Austin B. shadowing.


Paul A. making a move.

Paul again

Paul A trying to turn the corner. Or, make a good cross.


Austin B. breaking through a double-team.


Phillip N. taking the shot that almost went in. Next time!


Austin B. on the ball, again.


Another almost score by Phllip N.

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