Mississippi Science Olympiad 2011

My two younger boys, N and D, are on the Chastain Middle School Science Olympiad team. They competed Friday in a series of events against other teams from all over the state. I’m proud to say the Chastain team won the 2011 Spirit Award and took home medals in two events. I am grateful to Coach Johnnie Canales and Ms. Bigelow for sponsoring the team. Here are some photos from the day.

Austin and Nathan tower 1

Austin and Nathan tower 2

Austin talking to his mom

Chandler listens to Mr. C

Mr. Neyland helps Blake Waldron

Joseph Neyland and Blake Waldron


Chandler and Anastasia Bottle Rocket

Anastasia with parachute

Mr. C remembers being a platoon leader

walking away

team chastain

team chastain 2

Roderick Red Jr.

2011 spirit award winners

fossils medal

optics medal

9 Responses to Mississippi Science Olympiad 2011

  • Rhoda Byler Yoder says:

    Wonderful! I enjoyed the photos! Congratulations to the team!

  • P.J. Shaw says:

    This is great! What an accomplishment. We’re really excited at Holy Innocents’ that our kids are going to Nationals in May. I’m just so impressed with all of these kids!

  • julie says:

    Congrats to Chastain! Love this type of teaching/learning!

  • scampbell says:

    It’s always such an interesting day for the students. My only wish is that we adults could watch more of the events.

  • What a cool event!

  • lisa n ichols says:

    It was so good seeing the children engage in all the activities. Kudos to the Chastain Warriors

  • Johnnie Canales says:

    I had a lot of fun working with the students and parents. The Chastain MSO Warriors displayed character, respect, leadership, and courtesy thoughout the school-year and especially during the MSO events. I am so proud of them. Thanks Sarah and MSO parents for your ourstanding support.

  • John Juul says:

    As a retired middle school ESE Math & Science teacher (and Marine)I applaud you all for this magnificent display of scholarship,teamwork and leadership. Hats off to the students and coaches. Well done, Johnnie !!!

  • scampbell says:

    Thank you, Mr. Canales. The kids are looking forward to working with you again this year — even though you are going to be semi-retired.
    John, I agree!

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