Trees on a dreary day

I went out today to take pictures of trees. It was dreary here, but not too cold to spend time outside. I put the camera around my neck when I went on errands. The first photo is one I took outside the bookstore. The others are from my yard.

Richard had had the camera before me and had it set with a very high ISO (8000, I think) so he could get some images inside with low light. As soon as I took the first image and checked the histogram, I knew I had to change the settings. It’s so nice to get that information from the camera in the field and not wait until a roll of film has been developed.

If you are looking for some online tutorials on photography, check out Cambridge in Color. The photo gallery alone is worth the time.

trees outside Lemuria
nest in Japanese Magnolia
magnolia with spots on leaves
twin bunches of magnolia leaves

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