Photographs from Richardson Primary, 1973-74

When we moved to Mississippi from Evanston, Illinois, I began attending Richardson Primary School. I was in the second grade. My mother took these pictures one day during dismissal.

Richardson Primary dismissal

Velma McGriggs, Lanita Landers, and Imogene McGriggs. 3rd grade.

Richardson dismissal

Mrs. Katie Young, second grade teacher, at door. Francene Young to her right.

Francene is facing the camera. You can see something white in her hair — either a ribbon or balls. Kimberly Simmons is in the back right. You can only see her hair.


Katie Young, far left. Mr. Wicks, principal. To his left, S. Noble. Far right, Sarah Crosby.

Can you believe the trousers I have on? I was about to claim this was my sister until I got a look at the coat. She wouldn’t have been caught dead with that many flowers on an article of clothing.

school buses 1973

School buses ready for pick-up at Richardson Primary, 1973

cars and buses

Cars in parking lot at Richardson Primary, 1973

group of children posing at Richardson

A group of children posing outside Richardson Primary.

I see Greg Foster on the far left. Is that Mae Frances Gibson next to him? Help me classmates.

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