Photos from My Mother’s Archive

I am feverishly searching for archival material related to my current work-in-progress. This has led me (and my mom) to boxes, binders full of negatives, and, even, an old purse that contains envelopes full of pictures. (I should take a picture of that.) Here are some of today’s cool, cool finds.

Alcorn Campus Kids Little League Team

Alcorn Campus Kids Little League Team

We were seriously good, y’all. Lonzo, middle back row wearing jacket, had a mean fast ball. Emilye, second from left on front row, was the “best back catcher in the state of Mississippi.” Dave Crosby, back left, and Sam Cadney, back right, coached. Mr. Cadney also was the umpire.

Patty and Jessica

A light moment while folding laundry


Miss 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. Homecoming. 1975, I think.

Stephanie Noble, Miss 4th grade, was in my class. Desiree Kilcrease, Miss 5th grade, was in Emilye’s class. I can’t quite tell who Miss 6th grade is. Does anybody know? The float is heading south on Main Street past Port Gibson Bank.

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