Lightroom Collage Old Black & Whites

Photographs from Old Scrapbooks

Lightroom Collage

Many people are interested in how to make a photo collage using Lightroom. Just recently I had another question about it on an old post. I decided to make sure I remembered how to do it. I made this one, again based on this tutorial.

The recent question had to do with how to convert the collage (or multi-picture package, in Lightroom lingo) into a jpg. Here is how I did it:
1) With the photograph selected, I chose the Print menu from the choices on the top right menu bar (Library, Develop, Slideshow, Print, Web).
2) Scroll down the right column until you find the Print Job menu.
3) Just under print job, you may choose “printer” or “jpg”. (Only one is visible at a time; they toggle back and forth).
4) After choosing jpg, the button on the very bottom right will read Print to File.
5) At that point, a dialogue box will appear and you will have to select the place where you would like to save the jpg file you’ve created.
Good luck.

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