Science Olympiad

My middle and youngest sons spent the day Friday at the Mississippi Science Olympiad at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. They competed in events such as trajectory, elevated bridge, Wright stuff, pentathlon, and dynamic planet. I went along to chaperone and take pictures. The photography challenges were that most of the events we could watch were held in the gymnasium and the student union. I had to use a very long lens to get close enough, but my flash wasn’t effective at that distance. I propped the lens a lot to try to steady it. You can judge the results.

Wright stuff

Wright stuff team

Interesting design by competitor

Interesting design by competitor

This one flew very nicely

motorized wind-up


Bridge team

Does it meet the construction parameters?

Test set-up

Pouring the final cups of sand to equal 15 kg

Nice design by a competitor

Studying the bridge results; ours held!

Trajectory team sends a tennis ball to the target

Talking it over

A accepts congratulations on behalf of the Experimental Design team

E aglow with the glory of winning

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