Congress Street Neighborhood Walk

Today, the second graders at Davis Magnet walked through the neighborhood around their school, stopping in at pre-arranged locations. I walked with Ms. Hansen’s class. As you can see, we set off with a spring in our step. Several students chanted a version of the “Let’s go walking, Mississippi,” theme song. We visited a restaurateur, lawyers (who are also Davis adopters), the state appellate court, and an artist. Students carried with them frames they had made last week. They practiced snapping “photographs.” Next week, small groups of students will go out again — with cameras.

At Two Sisters Restaurant

Artist Jonathan Sims

Jonathan Sims Plays for Students

Judge Virginia Carlton

Student Gavels "Court" into Session

Student Acts as Chief Judge

Lawyer Carlton Reeves

Students Practice Framing Photographs

Two Paintings by Davis Third Graders on Exhibit at Welty Commons

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