Hot Colors for a Rainy Day

Day Lily

Day Lily

Today in Mississippi it is cold and rainy. In other words, a very nice day to be inside writing. And dealing with the paperwork that writing generates: receipts, invoices, and rough drafts. I selected a photograph with hot colors to contrast with the cold day. As the mother of two boys who take art every day, I am always learning new art concepts and terms. The concept of “hot colors” came up twice recently. N was making a birthday piece for his father and he pointed out that he would use hot colors in certain places and cool colors in others and that the hot colors would make those design elements “pop” to the foreground. A few days later, D, studying for his science midterm, was learning about photosynthesis and accessory pigments. As I quizzed him, he made the connection that the accessory pigments, yellow, orange, and red, were hot colors. I love the connections my sons make between their traditional academic subjects and art.

As they studied for their art final, I learned a new word: frottaging. Websters online defines it as the technique of creating a design by rubbing (as with a pencil) over an object placed underneath the paper; also : a composition so made.” At first, I was convinced the teachers had made the term up. It sounded to me like some kind of cheese (fromage plus cottage). These teachers were clearly capable of making up some of the multiple choice options. How about this one: “An imaginary line between the eye of the artist and the drawing subject is ____.” One option was: a death ray.

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