WIK Conferees Who Blog, Too

At the recent Writing and Illustrating for Kids (WIK) conference, I asked other writers with blogs to find me and give me a card. I wanted to collect posts about the conference in one place. In the end, not all of the writers/bloggers put up posts about the conference, but I thought I’d put together a post showing the diversity of blogs in our region. If you look to the left on my blog, you’ll see that I already list other Southern Breezers in my blog roll. When I get more time at home, I’ll add these new ones to that list. In the meantime, feel free to explore:

Pat Brannon, a writer in Amory, Mississippi, blogs here.

Rita Farin, a creativity coach, blogs here.

Heather Kolich, an author and photographer in Cumming, Georgia, blogs here.

Deborah Kauffman Miller, an author in Decatur, Georgia, blogs here.

Melissa Thomas-Dubois and Dana Konop, two authors in the Atlanta-area, blog at Writing

Toni Rhodes, an author and iPhone app publisher in Stone Mountain, Georgia, blogs at RhodeSoft.

Kathleen Thompson, an author in Birmingham, Alabama, blogs here.

Al Waller blogs at Varmint Bytes.

If you are a writer in Alabama, Mississippi, or Georgia, and you write a blog, please post a comment letting me know about you.

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