Homecoming Cheers

Chastain, football-1268I ran out of pictures from the Sunday walk, but I promised you a week of images so here are a few from the Chastain homecoming game. I took D and N and two friends to see Chastain vs. Northwest. Chastain won. It was a beautiful day for a football game and it was nice to be out at dusk celebrating the hard work and skill that go into playing football, cheering, dancing and playing music.

Chastain, football-1243Chastain’s quarterback scored several times on long runs. Middle school football seems to be big play football. Over the course of two games, I don’ t think I’ve seen one sustained march down the field for a score.

Chastain, football-1302The disadvantage of being the home squad was the fact that we had to look into the sun for the entire first half and halftime.

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