Final Edits, Book Blurbs, Burns

sunflowers-1149We and the book had a busy Labor Day weekend. We walked a few blocks down the main street to take photographs of a wonderful patch of sunflowers. The gardner was home and offered us some cut sunflowers and gave us a tour of his organic vegetable garden in back. It was wonderful to see what fits into a city yard. We have a lovely bouquet of sunflowers on the kitchen table.

With final edits on Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature in the final stages, I was waiting to hear back from my expert. I didn’t get the book back to him when I thought I would and then managed to hit him just when he went overseas to see family. He was back this weekend and gave the book the OK. Phew!

My editor asked if I would try to get a blurb for the book’s jacket from a well known, often-published mathematician; he gave me three to try. I had misgivings. I knew we were pushing deadline and would need to ask not only for the favor of someone’s time to look at the book, but also the favor of doing it right away. I knew also that I was going to be asking several people, but the likelihood was that only one (or possibly, two) could be used. So, I was asking a favor, for right now, and we might not use it anyway. But I gave myself a pep talk. Nothing venture, nothing gained. And, I asked. My editor was right.

One graciously declined; he has a policy not to do blurbs even for close friends — or it would take up all of his time. But, another agreed to take a look. And, gave me a fantastic blurb. It will go on the jacket. The other blurbs — from a much decorated elementary school teacher and a different mathematics professor — will go in the catalogue and on publicity material. I am not always comfortable with the selling part of this business, but I know it is important. I wish I had remembered to think about the blurb part earlier on in the process. I would still have had to wait until the book was in final form, but I could have given my targets more notice.

Sarah's burns-0526It was nice to get the news about the blurb from the famous mathematician on Tuesday because Monday’s Labor Day barbeque left me with burns on my face, neck, forearms, knees, and hands. Only tiny spots are second degree burns; most are first degree and time is all they need to heal. Meanwhile, I’ll type one-handed, read my son’s kindle, and watch a few movies. I’m glad the book has gone to the print house.

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