Card Making Plus An Honor

purpleMost of the ways I use photographs these days are digital. I capture them using a digital camera, edit them using Lightroom or Photohop, post them on my blog, website, and Facebook page. When I submit them to editors for magazines or books, I submit a digital file. Every once in a while, I upload my digital images to an online photolab (I use Kodak Gallery) and get prints or calendars made. Most recently, I have purchased photographic prints to make photo albums as gifts. I rarely print photographs at home — unless I am printing on plain paper as a proof of some kind.

card making (1 of 3)Today, I made homemade cards. I printed several copies of the above image on matte photo paper using my Canon IP 4600 printer. They turned out very nicely — except for the one I mis-loaded. Only the front of the paper is appropriate to receive the ink. You can see how the cards turned out. I tried different sizes and mounted some. It was fun to make nice prints and work with them to make a final product at home.

card making (3 of 3)These will go in the mail on Monday.

While I was at the kitchen table putting these together, today’s mail came and with it a nice note from my editor. He passed along a note from Sue Margulis, chair of the Children’s Book Award Committee, of the Animal Behavior Society. Wolfsnail was one of three Boyds Mills Press books (Ookpik and The Puzzle of the Platypus were the others) named as finalists for the 2009 ABS Outstanding Children’s Book Award. Richard and I are honored to have Wolfsnail recognized in this way.

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