Growing Patterns Proofs Here

sunflower_HDR3 A proof of Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature arrived in my inbox on Friday. I printed it because I can’t really reivew a book unless I can page through it. Richard and I found a few things that need fixing and we’ve weighed in on some design decisions. The photo you see at the left is on the cover. I am very excited about seeing it as a book. I took it to some of my young readers and they read it for me so I could watch for things like line breaks, etc. I also sent it off to my expert reviewer. It is getting so close, now. Yipee!

We had a few glitches this weekend on the website. It disappeared during an attempted upgrade. Richard got the backup restored today. We’re still having to recreate a few things that had gone up between the last backup and the disappearance.

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