Marketing While Waiting

Chicago tripIt sometimes feels like it’s all hurry up and wait. Hurry up and wait. Hurry up and wait. Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature is on the art director’s desk. We’re hoping to see a layout by the end of the week. In order to make the anticipation a little more bearable, we’re turning our attention to some of the other stuff we need to do — like new publicity photos. I figure that since we’re photographers we shouldn’t allow our publicity photos to get too out of date. My goal is to update at least once a year — especially in the years we have a book coming out.

Richard portraitWe took these on the screened porch. The day was overcast so the light wasn’t too bright. I decided to wear my glasses this time. Last time I was worried about glare, but we managed to avoid it in this shot. As you can see Richard decided to go with a silly an expressive face.

We’ll be ready with the new portraits when the Boyds Mills Press marketing folks get ready to put together the spring catalog.

Graeme portraitG came out to see what we were up to so we put him on the hot seat, too. I have made faces at my mother’s camera over the years and she always said “you’ll be sorry.” As will he. Of course, he owes the blog a review so maybe he’ll want to negotiate. I could always post it to my facebook page. Hmmm.

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