My Son’s Kindle

kindle-imageMy 14-year-old got a Kindle (Amazon’s ebook) for his birthday. His Dad and I gave him half the cost and he came up with the other half. He had been eyeing one and saving his money (the original goal for his savings was an X-box 360). I asked if he would write about his new reader on my blog. Here is our interview:

What made you want a kindle?
* I wouldn’t have to rely on you to take me to the bookstore.
* I would have instant access to the books I wanted. (See Above.)
* I would get access to more books than what the bookstore carries. (Very Lacking in SciFi and Fantasy.)
* Cheaper Books.

How has it been to use?

It’s been great. It reads like paper and disappears in my hands.

What kinds of books have you bought to read on your kindle?

Mostly SciFi and Fantasy, though that’s what I bought at the
bookstore too. (there are other subjects)

In what ways is it different from reading a book?

* It is lighter than a normal book.
* There are no page numbers, just percentage complete.
* You can read and turn pages with just one hand.
* You can access Wikipedia and a Dictionary easily for reference.
* You can eat and read at the same time.
* You can collect a bunch of books in one place
* You can search your books and find books easily.

In what ways is it similar to reading a book?

It reads like paper. There isn’t much else that a book does. It’s
like a book with extras.

Would you recommend it to friends?

How do you think the kindle could be used in middle school classrooms?
At least as reading material. I think if you give it a bigger screen it would definitely be good for textbooks.

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