Avoidance or Therapy

I have been throwing myself into a new project. I have read several scholarly history texts, organized a bibliography, and written a proposal letter. I haven’t sent it. It’s not ready yet. Then, I realized that I still had some revisions that I had promised my editor I would make to the current manuscript. You know how sometimes you think that because you’ve thought about something a lot that you’ve actually done it. Well, not really. I decided that maybe all the energy for the new project was because I was avoiding the hard re-writing I had to do. So, I sat down tonight and tackled it. It was easier than I thought to come up with some different sentences. I didn’t have to make major changes, but I did have to alter meaning. It is hard to keep the writing simple when the changes in meaning are very subtle. I have sent the revisions off to my editor — the book itself should be with his colleague the art director (if I have the timing right). Hopefully, when the layout and design is ready, we’ll be ready to plug in the final text changes and keep on trucking.

That’s when I’ll really dive into the new project, right? Well, I do want to keep reading that history book beside my bed.

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