My Dad in the Fantasticks

We went to Vicksburg over the weekend for the Vicksburg Theater Guild‘s final performance of The Fantasticks. Dad played Bellamy, the father of Luisa. A tornado came through their neck of the woods earlier in the day so parts of Dad’s costumes were locked in the washing machine when the power went out. He improvised. We learned about the costume crisis before we left our house so we threw various pairs of shoes into the car — just in case. Luckily, he had found some before we arrived (just minutes before curtain). The boys and their friend, A, sat in the front row in an intimate seating configuration.
Bellamy tossed his vest to G early in the show and G tossed it back a few minutes later. I loved seeing the musical, which I had listened to as a child but never seen performed. Richard and I could really relate to the “Plant a carrot, get a carrot” song. A bunch of the songs made much more sense with the connecting tissue of the story. Henry and Mortimer, the two players who provide comic relief, were terrific; they had us in stitches. We got to meet the talented young performers who played Matt, Luisa, and The Mute. Richard took these photos using the D200 with no flash.
Another Fib:

Tossing squares
Red, Green, Yellow, Blue
Cheer Grandpa Dave Singing Fun Songs

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