Walk Through the Woods


We went out twice this morning: first, we scattered from the house into all directions to do an exercise called event mapping; second, we did a guided walk with the forester who manages the Meyers family land. I took some pictures along both walks. Ferns are all over this place right now and they look very different depending on the stage they’re at. This one attracted me because it was so skinny and contrasted nicely with the shapes and colors around it. I guess it could even be a candidate for the new book, which includes a fern at the fiddlehead stage.


I first photographed this type of moss two years ago when I was here at my first Writing From Nature workshop. This time I loved the juxtaposition of the pine needles with the curly leaves of the moss. I feel limited in my ability to “see” these photos I’m posting because I’m using my tiny netbook and I’m unable to crop and adjust my images in the way I typically do. Once I get home and do my usual processing, I’ll post some of the same images for comparison.


I’m always looking for interesting shapes. I think this resulted from a worm boring between the bark and the tree’s core. I started my walk this morning with my regular lens but I swapped it out pretty quickly for the macro lens. One of the participants here talked about coloring her journal page with lots of green because it’s cheerful. I seem to be drawn here to the places where I can highlight the green in the midst of the winter’s gray and brown. Editor’s Note: I have replaced the images with cropped, edited versions. It is so nice to be able to see them at full size and to be able to massage the exposure and crop.

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