Maine Trip


Richard and I visited Great Salt Bay Community School Friday in Damariscotta, Maine. We flew to Maine for Richard’s sister’s wedding (in Auburn) and added a day on both ends to see friends, Jenny and Boo. Jenny is one of the children’s librarians at Skidompha Library in Damarisccotta. Their children, Essie and JoJo, are in fourth and first grades, respectively, at Great Salt Bay CS. We had a terrific time with the three second grade classes and the two first grade classes. It was Richard’s first time coming along for a school visit and he took the photographs. After I left, JoJo’s class colored the wolfsnail coloring pages downloaded from my website. His was purple, yellow, black, and green. After the two presentations at school, we went downtown to Maine Coast Book Shop and signed the stock.


After today’s wedding, we drove back to Jenny and Boo’s and took a walk in the woods. JoJo and Essie took us to cattail land, the Quaker Cemetery, tree river, and the bridge. We saw birch trees, moss, lichen, wintergreen, dormant blackberry bushes, moose and deer poop, stone walls, swamps, and springs. Richard and Jojo jumped into a spring to see how big a splash each could make. Essie said: “I would spend hours out here if I could. … and usually I can.” Richard took these pictures of the kids. Next post, we’ll include some pictures of the wedding.


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