Delicious — Photo Friday


Don’t these look tasty? I love it when the strawberries come into season. Head over to my friend Susan’s blog for a great strawberry cake recipe.

Richard and I took these as part of our Fibonacci project, but I don’t think they’ll make it into the book.

The Photo Friday challenge this week is edible so I think these fill the bill quite nicely.

I’ve got a busy week coming up — a two-day school visit at St. Richard’s Catholic School here in Jackson and then two science events with my sons: the regional science fair and the science olympiad. D, my fifth grader, did an experiment with a solar car he built from a kit. G, the eighth grader, built a robot with a his friend. They’ll have to run it around a playing field putting objects into goals — against the clock. N, the sixth grader, built a tennis ball launching trajectory machine with his friend. They’ll have to try to hit two targets. It’ll all be interesting.

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