First Sign of Life


The broccoli seeds are up! We started broccoli and cabbage seeds this weekend. We’ll let them grow in these little slots until it is time to transplant outside — after the risk of frost has passed. No sign of the cabbage seeds yet. I’ve never grown either of these vegetables before so we’re venturing out into new territory. My mom noticed the large pile of seed packets on my kitchen counter and wondered aloud whether we were going to till up the whole back yard. But we’re doing the square foot gardening thing so we only planted eight of our little broccoli seeds and 10 of our cabbage seeds. Ultimately, we hope to transplant two broccoli plants and four cabbage plants. Here’s what our raised beds looked like being built. We’re trusting Mel to know what he’s talking about when he says we can save the rest of the seeds for future years — assuming all goes well and we want to do this again.

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