Science Fair Photos


Science fair projects are due in my sons’ classrooms this week so Richard and I have been overseeing production. This year we wanted to avoid last minute crises so we began this work during the break around Thanksgiving. The two middle schoolers had to write research papers first. They conducted experiments over Christmas break. We documented the process through photographs. Most ambitiously, Richard and Graeme teamed up to set up a timed-release shoot to capture electrolysis. These are bubbles of hydrogen gas forming on a graphite rod in a plain water solution.


Now, here are bubbles of hydrogen gas forming on a graphite rod in a saline solution. What this photograph does not capture is the strong scent of chlorine that permeated the kitchen during the second trial. The timed release photographs were set for one shot per minute for each of 10 minutes. On his science fair presentation board, he included photographs of the beginning and end of each trial.


I thought you might like a look at the set up. Richard used his Nikon D200 with a Tamron 90 mm lens set up on a tripod. Graeme used a clear glass bowl and they took several practice shots in order to make sure the rods would be in the right place. This was a little tricky.

Here are the photos from Nathan’s project. What do you think he was doing?




OK, now for Douglas. Any guesses? We found great help in project selection here.




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