New Generation of Point-and-Shoot


I asked my mother to send me some photos she took using her new pocket-sized Canon Powershot – Elph Series. She decided that she couldn’t keep lugging her Canon Digital SLR (I think it is a 10D)  with its mega lens everywhere — especially on vacations. She was pretty nervous about getting a new camera — in part because it meant learning a whole new system, but also because she was afraid she’d have to give up a lot in the way of quality. She’s pretty happy with the snapshots she’s been getting. To be fair, she knows her way around a camera so she’ll get better than average shots anyway, but these will give people an idea of the quality they can get with a point-and-shoot that cost less than $150. Notice that the last photograph is in black and white — except for the green bottle. She was able to do this in camera — no photoshop involved. Nice.



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