More Quilting at Chastain Middle School

We had our second workshop at Chastain Middle School today with Crossroads Quilters. We got to see three new quilt tops made from our photographs and our string blocks. We also made more string blocks and started to quilt the newest tops. It was great to have another day with friends and fabric. We had visitors from the local NBC affiliate and the Women’s Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson. The Women’s Fund gave us a grant to pay for the workshops, fabric, and other supplies. We’re glad people in the community will have a chance to learn about this exciting project at Chastain. In this first picture, Tammy McGrew teaches Indrani Sai how to quilt.

We’ll be having one more sewing day together in April and we will present the finished wall-hangings to the school community in May. Patty Crosby took the photographs. She is the executive director of Mississippi Cultural Crossroads, which is the umbrella organization for Crossroads Quilters. In this picture, Geraldine Nash trims a string block.

A wall-hanging top that is ready to be quilted.

Another wall-hanging top.

Here I am making a string block.

Here I am showing the visitor from the Women’s Fund the photographs that have been transferred to fabric but haven’t been sewn into a top.

Jo Hosey shows Indrani Sai how to make a string block.

Susan Womack shows off a block she made that is a variation on the string block.

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