Looking Back

Sorry for the long absence. We’ve been working behind the scenes to re-design the blog and to figure out how to re-do the entries we lost when we updated the WordPress software. And, honestly, I was a bit deflated by the hugeness of the task. In the meantime, we also have added a computer so I am working on a different machine (not the new one; that went to the techie in the family). It’s good to be back at the blog.

This is a photograph of Nathan and Douglas from 2001, the year that Nathan found the first wolfsnails in our yard. In the photo, he’s three and Douglas is two. Douglas is holding his earthworms. The marigolds in the background are Nathan’s. He loved to quote the line from Sarah Stewart’s The Gardener, “We gardeners never retire.”

I dug this up because I am working on a slide show for my website to tell the story behind, “Nathan’s Pet Snails,” and Wolfsnail: A Backyard Predator. For a good visual take on how much time has passed, I’m posting a recent photo of Nathan.

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